Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I buy products on this website?

You are right. If you want to buy products on this website, you will be directed to our official store. Please click the product and then choose a model or size. There will appear our official store link.

Is the product being sold original?

The products we sell are guaranteed authenticity. We do not sell used items because we prioritize quality.

Can I get a special price?

You can get special prices for the products we sell. Terms and Conditions apply. For more details, you can contact us at the telephone number on the website and can send messages via WhastApp.

What advantages are offered?

We provide good quality products at low prices. The products we sell are original and many variations. If you are a seller, you can get special prices with a minimum purchase. So don’t hesitate to join us.

Is there an offline store?

We also have an offline store which we call showrooms. You can see our address on the contact us page. Our showroom is very comfortable for customers. You can smoke while shopping.

Is there free shipping?

You can get free shipping if the official store offers it. Free shipping from us only Jabodetabek. Terms and Conditions apply.

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